Steve Reynolds, President of the Mobile Data Association and MD of TBS Enterprise Mobility, explained: “Within 24 months everyone in the UK will own a smartphone. Mobile device ubiquity is propelling business analytics forward, due to the huge volumes of real-time data which they capture. The unique immediacy and accuracy of mobile data can be harnessed to troubleshoot at a pace never before possible – essentially, businesses can analyse impact and respond almost instantly. 

“At a time of economic stagnation, businesses must adapt quickly to the new normal, and adopting low-cost technologies including cloud-based services and smartphones can be a central part of this.  With real-time BI, businesses can see what is happening now, identify negative patterns and implement fresh strategies for improvement. By mobilising BI, GPS and location data can also be analysed to optimise route planning and scheduling.”  

Alongside Steve Reynolds, industry thought leaders including Rob Bamforth, Principle Analyst, Quocirca; Paul Foster, Technology Evangelist, Microsoft; Adrian Williams, Director of Business Sales, Nokia;  Jon Woodward, CEO, NeutrinoBI; and Dr Steve Suckling, Decision Analysis Researcher and Consultant, Staffordshire University; delivered informative sessions surrounding big data, the cloud, the Internet of Things, decision making practices, and innovative mobile device technology. 


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